International Congress

on Disinformation and Fact-checking

NOVA University of Lisbon | 23rd 24th June 2022

Empowering students, media and educational professionals

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A Joint European Fact-Checking Project

Co-funded by the EU Erasmus Program

This joint educational project has the label of Erasmus + program from European Union and enables the participants to acquire real expertise in the fields of fact-checking and disinformation, through the mastery of the theoretical concepts and digital tools.

Designed by Eight European Universities

It includes a set of higher education eLearning modules provided by a consortium of eight partners led by NOVA University of Lisbon (School of Social Sciences and Humanities) in cooperation with universities from Athens, Paris, Leiden, Katowice, Lorraine and Rovaniemi

To meet the need for new skills

Media and media education professionals must acquire new skills in order to be able to understand the multidisciplinary nature of disinformation issue, and how it affects the exercise of their current or future professional activity.

A Fact-Checking Project: Why?

Disinformation spread over the digital social networks is a threat to our democracies, our society, our economy, and to the individuals. It alters confidence of the general public in the media, and tends to undermine the freedom of press and the freedom of expression. Students, media professionals, teachers and other professionals dealing with information need to acquire new skills to be able manage this disorder of information. 

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Enroll in our pilot group

Starting March 2022 we will test the curricular units designed within the scope of this project with a pilot group of students. Classes are held in an e-Learning environment and will take an average of 3 hour per week for each unit. If you want to be part of this group, send us an e-mail until February 28th.

From a mapping study to an international conference 

As an open-science project, it has the premisse to disseminate all the results. Until the end of it, it will deliver several events, such as workshops and an international conference. All the production will be shared in this platform.

Expected results